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Soulful Food founder launches plant-based food subscription service

A new plant-based food subscription service from Soulful Food Co, Vibrant Vegan Co, aimed at tackling child hunger in war zones, is launching in the UK. Partnering with War Child UK, the brand helps to feed a child in need with every meal purchased as part of its Buy One Give One pledge.

The new brand of 18 sustainable plant-based meals is aimed at socially-conscious consumers looking for convenient vegan food, and there are more than 3.5 million vegans in the UK.

The subscription service allows people to order vegan meals to be delivered to their home or place of work each week – offering a healthy and sustainable alternative without compromising on taste and convenience.

Box selections include macro focused options such as - ‘Calorie Controlled’, ‘Lean Protein’, ‘Slow Burning Carbs’ and ‘Chef’s Selection’ – to match the lifestyles of customers.

Meals include Tokyo Chick’n Katsu with a quinoa crust on turmeric brown rice, Malaysian gyoza with yellow rice noodles, Piri piri jambalaya, West African peanut stew with skin-on sweet potato wedges, and Super mac & cheeze with breadcrumbs and seeds. Many meals are gluten free, high in protein, iron and fibre, and have no added sugar. Other benefits include sources of vitamin C, B and calcium, soya-free options, and low saturated fat.

Also, to tackle the plastic waste issue, Vibrant Vegan Co’s packaging is all either compostable, recycled, up-cycled or 100% recyclable; the insulation in its cool bags is made from upcycled clothes and the compostable food boxes are FSC certified. The brand also encourages customers to send the boxes and packaging back to them to be recycled, by providing a free return service.

Iain Burke-Hamilton, founder, said, “I’m super excited about the launch of Vibrant Vegan Co. as the meals are delicious and will be a huge benefit to our customers, the environment and children in need. Vibrant Vegan Co. has been set up as a social enterprise with delicious food, sustainability and charity at the very core of our founding principles.

“We firmly believe that eating less meat and dairy is the single biggest way to reduce our impact on earth; not just greenhouse gases, but global acidification, eutrophication, land use and water use, it is far bigger than cutting down on your flights or buying an electric car as these only cut greenhouse gas emissions.

“Vibrant Vegan Co. is immensely proud to have partnered with War Child UK to provide aid to children caught up in conflict all around the world. Initially our donations will focus on where the need is greatest in Yemen, and we will work tirelessly with the charity to provide these vulnerable kids with nourishing meals, so they have the strength to access education and begin to dream again.

“We offer delicious and convenient vegan meals for people with a social conscience and who want to make a healthy and responsible choice. By choosing to eat Vibrant Vegan Co., they are choosing to drive change and reduce waste.”