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Rhythm 108 launches vegan Easter eggs

Rhythm 108, the indulgent and wholesome snacks and dessert bars, has just released its new vegan and gluten-free treat, Mini Easter Truffle Eggs, available to buy online and in Sainsbury’s stores now.

Just in time for Easter, the Mini Easter Truffle Eggs gives consumers a chocolatey treat they can enjoy while feeling the benefits of Rhythm 108’s all-natural and organic ingredients. Notable organic ingredients include: raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, sunflower oil, agave fibre, and hazelnuts.

Founded by Siddhi Mehta, Rhythm 108 follows a philosophy of slow living and only uses methods and ingredients which embrace this mentality such as re-inventing favourite childhood treats for recipes and using organic/whole ingredients with simple, homemade processes.

After swapping fast-paced cities for the beauty of Switzerland, Mehta discovered the Alps and the amazing sense of wonder and simplicity they instilled in her. She has since formed a closer connection to food from local farmers markets and wished to share her passion for the craftsmanship of nutritious recipes.

Mehta commented, “As our company has continued to grow, we decided to create our very first seasonal product. Easter is a special time for families and we wanted to produce something that is inclusive to everyone. Whether you’re a lover of all foods, or are strictly vegan and gluten-free, our Swiss Chocolate Truffle Eggs are for everyone to enjoy.”

Rhythm108 remains a healthy and organic snack without ever compromising taste or quality, which has been tried, tested and awarded through their recent accolades, winning a Great Taste Star Award for both their Oh-la-la Coconut Cookie and Sweet ‘n’ Salty Almond Deeelicious Swiss Chocolate Bar. The judges commented that the Deeelicious bar was “an innovation that is incredibly creamy for a dairy-free chocolate product”.

Other products in the Rhythm 108 range include; Deelicious Swiss Chocolate Bars, Ohh-la-la Tea Biscuits and Good-For-You Dessert Bars.