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Burger Lad joins Americana to help drive trade of gourmet buns

Lantmännen Unibake’s Americana brand has welcomed Simon Dukes, AKA ‘Burger Lad’, to its authoritative Team of Burger Experts.

The appointment is the latest major milestone in Americana's ‘Trade Up To Gourmet’ campaign which calls on operators to premiumise their burger menus and maximise burger sales by trading up to gourmet buns.

The news comes as new research shows 68% of consumers claim they would be disappointed if a gourmet burger was not served in a gourmet bun. A further 78% would choose to return to a venue which serves a gourmet patty in a gourmet bun . The research further demonstrates the need to deliver gourmet burger bun recipe solutions to meet consumer expectations.

The burger tasting pro has previously teamed up with Americana to reveal new burger insights and will now play a hands-on role alongside the brand’s in-house team. This will include tapping into new industry trends and new research that has the potential to drive new product development later in the year.

The new alliance highlights the brand’s dedication to support outlets in growing their burger sales by offering on-trend advice and supplying quality burger buns.

Dukes (pictured right) commented, “Operators need to do all they can to make their burger offering stand out in a highly competitive market. My partnership with the Americana brand is about helping operators do exactly that.

'Teaming my industry expertise with theirs will help us show operators just how important a gourmet burger bun offering is to today’s consumers and ultimately help drive sales with menus featuring on-trend product solutions. Together we’ll ensure the consumer out of home burger experience is the best it can be.”

Peter Drew, Marketing & Innovation Director at Lantmännen Unibake UK, (pictured left) said, “Having worked with Simon on a consultancy basis for a number of years, giving him a position on our Americana team of burger experts was the next natural next step.

'Utilising the industry’s most experienced talent will help us continue to deliver the very best gourmet buns in line with consumer demand and the latest market trends. We’re confident that having Simon onboard puts us in a truly unique position to drive further innovation and growth in the lucrative out of home burger market.”