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Burts to change name as it invests £7m in factories

The UK’s fastest growing, independent snacking manufacturer, Burts Potato Chips is planning to invest £7m at its factories in Plymouth and Leicester by the end of next year, and will change its name to Burts Snacks.

The £7m cash injection will help improve the company's manufacturing processes, enabling it to boost production capacity by 300%.

The Plymouth-based crisp maker is aiming to sell £54.9m of its snacks in 2019 - a 25% annual rise, and is targeting sales of £100million by 2022.

The family-run firm will also officially merge with Leicester-based Savoury & Sweet, the company it bought in 2018.

Burts Snacks manufactures the potato chips, popcorn, compression popped chips and other healthy snacks at its plants in Leicester and Roborough, Plymouth.

Burts Snacks’ range includes Burts Potato Chips, Guinness Crisps, Jim Beam Crisps, Levi Roots Crisps, Lentil Waves, and the Popcorn & Me brands.