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Best Indian restaurant in London launches new menu

Aromatic dishes found along Asia's oldest trade route are set to come to East London, as the award-winning Grand Trunk Road restaurant launches a brand new menu inspired by its namesake.

The news comes just after the restaurant won the 'Best of London, 2019' accolade last week at the London Curry Awards.

Combining the culture, history and vibrancy that is found along the Grand Trunk Road, the new menu, which features more than 20 sensational new dishes, has been put together by Head Chef Dayashankar Sharma.

Sharma, alongside the restaurant's owner Rajesh Suri, spent time travelling the route sampling the flavours of four nations and several regions to bring diners a selection of dishes capturing the spirit of the trade route.

Each of the dishes on the menu corresponds to a place of culinary interest along the route, be that Chittagong for its abundance of fresh seafood, or Delhi, for the distinctive spice blends or the fruit-laden trees which are found lining both sides of the famous route.

The trees were planted by Emperor Ashoka in order to provide much needed sustenance for weary traders and travellers and to this day, sun-ripened, juicy fruit can be picked straight from the trees on either side of the road. These flavours stand proud in the food at Grand Trunk Road and take diners on a journey to the exotic regions of the route.

Starters include Amritsari Tali Macchi - a light appetiser, comprising of Tilapia Fish, an ingredient popular in coastal regions along the Grand Trunk Road, Pepper, Turmeric, Carom Seeds and Mint, Coriander Chutney, Rawalpindi Ka Murgh Kebab - made of perfectly seasoned minced chicken, onion, baby spinach, and fragrant spices, hung yoghurt, served with a tangy Red Onion Dip.

From the mains, diners can choose from Chingri Malai Curry - a fragrant, light and moreish curry with Tiger Prawns, Coconut Milk, Turmeric and Ginger Sauce, Banaras ka Lauki Kofta - a vegetarian dish that will wow, delicately spiced Bottle Gourd Dumplings, a deceitfully simple dish in Brown Onion and Lightly Spiced Aromatic Sauce, flavoured with herbs that traders would have swapped amongst themselves on the Grand Trunk Road.

Also included are dishes from the tandoor grill such as Kabul Ka Hiran Tikka - a tender Venison dish with Ginger, Green Chilli, Crushed Spices, Beetroot Chutney.

Desserts are often overlooked when it comes to Indian restaurants, however at Grand Trunk Road restaurant, they are worth saving room for, with dishes such as the creamy Avocado and Rose Petal ice-cream, a Grand Trunk Road take on the millennial madness for avocados. Also on the dessert menu is Mango Brulee served with Ajwain biscuits and Banaras Ki Kheer, which is a light and sweet Lavender and Wild Berry Rice Pudding.

The Grand Trunk Road restaurant experience doesn't end with the food, as there are plenty of specially blended cocktails on the extensive cocktail list that will complement the flavours of the dishes. Suri and Sharma have even gone as far as to make suggestions on the dessert menu as to which wines or spirits pair best with the dishes.

Sharma said, “Grand Trunk Road has a reputation for being lively, full of character and a feast for the senses - Grand Trunk Road restaurant is no different.

“Rajesh and I spend a considerable amount of time each year rediscovering the wonders of Grand Trunk Road and each time, we come across something new to inspire our dishes.

“I am delighted that we are able to take our diners on a culinary journey with our dynamic new menu, showcasing the heady spices and flavours available along this infamous route.”

Grand Trunk Road 60-seat restaurant is one of London’s favourite dining destinations, having won numerous awards, and is also included in the Michelin Guide.