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Hawksmoor chefs open E1 farm to fork cafe

Former Hawksmoor chef duo, Alice Wilson and Matt Hall, have opened a community cafe at Stepney City Farm in London's E1.

The Humble Bee Café, which is open Tuesday to Sunday, serves up food 'sometimes just metres from where it was produced'.

Wilson and Hall are signed up to the Chef’s Manifesto from the SDG2 Advocacy Hub, derived from consultation with 130+ chefs from 38 countries. It focuses on reducing waste, protecting biodiversity, improving animal welfare and and ensuring affordability.

So the menu at the new venture is kept simple and ethically mindful. For breakfast, there's Rockstar Bakery sourdough with butter & homemade strawberry jam or lemon curd, Pancakes with lemon curd and strawberries (pictured), and bacon sandwiches are made with Powters Suffolk Bacon and homemade ketchup.

For lunch there's Egg mayo, chorizo or roast beetroot, feta, tomato and grated horseradish sandwiches, served with salads, such as Pickled & fresh fennel, apple, orange soaked sultanas & giant couscous, and Chickpeas, rainbow chard, cherry tomato & coriander panzanella.

Also on offer are baked goods such as sausage rolls, a variety of cakes, pastries and tarts.