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Scottish restaurateur hits out at diners with faux dietary requirements

The co-owner of critically-acclaimed The Wee Restaurant in Fife and Edinburgh, Vikki Wood has published a list of demands from a table of diners during the festive season to highlight a problem blighting the restaurant trade.

The list of requests submitted by five people on the table runs to more than twelve different issues, from an allergy to rare meat, to a dislike of gazpacho. One member of the group claimed to be vegan before ordering calamari and a chocolate creme brulee from the festive menu.

Wood, who opened the restaurants with her husband, Craig, has been backed by many other restaurateurs across the UK on social media.

Posting on twitter, Wood wrote, 'This is why every restaurateur in the land is on Valium or has become an alcoholic by December 25th. They should just write their own menu.

'A very esteemed chef spoke on Friday at an event I was at and said this is killing the catering industry and is our biggest challenge. Not the genuine allergies, but the faux dietaries.

'That's the only folk the hospitality industry have a problem with, the faux dietaries, aka picky eaters.

'If people are genuinely allergic or have an intolerance they should be well catered for.

“The catering industry needs to fight back. A genuine NHS letter from a GP stating the allergies of person should be required - otherwise no. Genuine folk wouldn't mind. They must get annoyed at fakers too.”