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Wellness-focused menu launches at Daisy Green sites

The Daisy Green Collection has just launched a new wellness-focused menu designed to help kick-start a fully nourishing 2020.

The menu features all-new dishes from leading Harley Street-registered nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert (@Rhitrition), some of the Collection’s favourites from the recent collaboration with acclaimed chef Kirk Haworth (@Plates_London) of plant-based studio, Plates, and of course their own much loved healthy recipes.

The wellness-focused menu is now being served exclusively at Scarlett Green, Timmy Green and Darcie & May Green.

Moving beyond the idea of a healthy January, the new menu follows Rhiannon’s wholesome approach that focuses on a nutritious lifestyle, rooted in the philosophy of nourishing the mind and body through food year-round.

Each dish has been specially balanced to ensure it is as bursting with flavourful as it is filled with high-quality nutrients, with many options on the new menu being plant-based favourites.

The new dishes created in collaboration with Rhiannon include Green Shakshouka with spicy tofu, cavolo nero, garden peas, spinach, courgette, cashew cream, spring onion, chilli and fresh herbs – the perfect way to get your greens in at the start of the day.

For those looking for a healthy dose of protein in a deliciously light dish, Chargrilled Soy & Ginger Chicken Breast with fennel, carrot, mooli, spinach, avocado, edamame, pickled ginger & watermelon radish, and spicy red pepper sauce, offers up the perfect option.

Also on the menu and one of Rhiannon’s favourites, the Sweetcorn Fritters (pictured) with dill courgetti, smashed avocado, poached eggs, red pepper, habanero & almond purée, and Graceburn feta, are a brilliant way to mix up carbohydrates and give a solid foundation on which to top bacon or smoked salmon.

Those with a sweet tooth can enjoy Pecan & Apricot Tart with Greek yogurt – life is too short to abstain from dessert and the apricots are present in numbers for that much-needed vitamin C.

Complementing these, the menu will feature an oldie but goodie from Kirk and the team at Plates London. The Fragrant Roasted Butternut Squash & Carrot Curry, made with toasted broccolini and black rice, contains kaffir lime leaves that are known to contain essential oils which aid in reducing stress, anxiety and fatigue.

And what’s more, the menu also has a few of the Collection’s all-time favourites. These include the much-loved Healthy Start, an optimal choice for promoting digestion given the fibrous celeriac toast that sits alongside avocado, poached eggs, broccoli and grilled tomatoes; and the Asian Chicken Salad, a healthy mix of candied chilli, cashews, coconut and nuoc cham dressing with wombok and red cabbage, both of which bring high levels of Vitamin A to the table that aid in boosting vision and promoting healthy skin.