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Leeds Council introduces plant-based school meals to tackle climate change

Leeds City Council is to introduce plant-based meals at 182 primary schools across the city in a bid to reduce food-related carbon emissions.

Switching to a more plant based diet in schools is part of the council’s plans to more than halve carbon emissions by 2025.

The new plant-based menu ‘exceeds’ the National School Food Standards and has been ‘well received’ by school children. According to Leeds City Council almost 90% of respondents supported the proposal to reduce carbon emissions in the city.

In December, a group of public sector caterers backed a weekly plant-based menu idea. Amongst the group were LACA chair Stephen Forster, TUCO chair Mathew White and HCA chair Craig Smith.

Judith Blake, councillor leader of Leeds City Council, said, “Tackling the climate emergency is one of the council’s key priorities and I am proud that this council is taking ambitious and necessary steps to make Leeds a more sustainable city and an even better place to live.”