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Chef Adam Byatt turns Bistro Union into community store

In an effort to help fight coronavirus, London's Bistro Union, the sister restaurant to Michelin-starred Trinity, is to become a community store.

From Monday, the Clapham bistro will offer free local delivery to those in isolation. There will also be discounts for the elderly.

The new store will be open from 8am, offering a wide range of essential and everyday items, from dry and tinned goods, as well as dry pulses. Fruits and fresh produce will also be available, and a selection of wine and cleaning products.

There will be breads and cakes, baked by the team, and coffee. Customers will also be able to buy freshly-made pasta and pasta sauces. The range will include meals to take home and cook and cooked dishes to take away.

Chef-proprietor Adam Byatt said, 'We have long been supported by our local community, and now is our moment to step up and support those that need us.

'We will have to close the restaurant, that's inevitable. My team will be staffing, cooking and serving the store. The produce is top restaurant quality. Every penny of profit generated will go directly to my amazing team, without which I have no business and Clapham has fewer restaurants.

'We are creating a fantastic menu and organising produce so that people can still eat very well in the days of isolation. Expect the finest produce and home cooked meals prepared by the best team in south London fighting to stay in the game.'

If the Bistro Store proves to be a positive and successful venture, Byatt is considering extending the idea to Trinity, in Clapham Old Town.