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New website shows self-isolators which local businesses deliver

Your Local Delivered, a free online platform allowing self-isolators to search local businesses that are delivering, has just launched.

Listings of pubs, restaurants, pharmacies, bakeries, butchers and more are available at the click of a finger to service housebound communities with quality, local produce.

Founder Charlotte Spencer, a Bridge & Tunnel Social Media Strategist, enlisted the help of friends Chris Rogers and James Rutter to pull together Your Local Delivered's website in just shy of a week.

The team moved quickly after Boris Johnson's lockdown announcement on 23 March, which ordered all non essential businesses to shut. Local business data from across the country was collated with the main motivation of supporting local business owners and keeping those at risk safe.

The company said, 'In these tough times, we have a responsibility to support each other on a global scale and this starts with helping local communities not only to continue to operate, but to thrive under these circumstances. Forget queueing, forget stockpiling, but don’t forget about the businesses that define your local area.'

Businesses and consumers are encouraged to help spread the word by:
- Adding listings - pubs, restaurants, grocers and? m?ore can be added to site by anyone free of charge
- Sharing the website - through social channels, Facebook groups and by word of mouth

Spencer (pictured with her brother, James) said, “My brother’s lovely country pub, The Hopbine, Petteridge, was included in the list of businesses that were forced to close last week. So needless to say, it felt pretty close to home. Like him and many local independents businesses, they've now turned to deliveries as a means of surviving this crisis that we’re all facing.

'Having worked in the hospitality industry for some years, I wanted to do my bit to help and I hope Your Local Delivered will do just that. But we now need the help of the Great British public to spread the word and get local businesses of all shapes and sizes from across the UK, listed on the site.

'COVID-19 might have taken us all by surprise, but we will get through this, together. Keep calm and get Your Local Delivered.”