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Persian Soho restaurant to reopen with new grab & go hatch

Berenjak in Soho is all set to reopen on Thursday 16 July, welcoming guests back with a number of new additions to the restaurant.

There will be a new grab and go daytime hatch, and in the restaurant a new late-night Bottomless Menu will be launched alongside the regular A La Carte offering,

The windows to Berenjak will open up to create the new grab and go offer, the Soho Hatch, giving locals and passers by the opportunity to grab a quick lunch, or late afternoon treat.

The menu will feature dishes designed for on-the-go, including Kabab Wraps, featuring chicken, lamb or kupros anglum. (British Sheep cheese) rolled with pickles, lettuce, shallots, tomatoes and house sauces. Other summer BBQ favourites including mangal-roasted Corn on the Cob and Baluchi Chix Wings in a red pepper marinade.

The hatch will serve guests from midday to 5pm to Thursday to Friday, then all day from 12pm until close on Saturday and Sunday.

With the restaurant’s new menu developments also comes a selection of new cocktails available for both for diners and grab and goers from the hatch in 750ml bottled form.

Watermelon Shum-Pine, is the newest addition to the drink’s menu and sees Victory Pink Gin combined with Verjus (an ingredient commonly added to dishes in Iranian cooking) Rose Petals and Sparkling Watermelon.

The new cocktails will sit alongside a menu of craft beers, existing sharbats, and a wine list exclusively made up of Middle Eastern wines.