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Ten to reopen 35 bowling centres in England tomorrow

Ten Entertainment Group plc has announced that it will reopen its 35 of its 39 English Bowling centres from 10am tomorrow, 15 August, which represent 86% of the firm's turnover.

The remaining three centres in Wales are already open and three in Scotland are fully prepared for reopening once Government restrictions are lifted.

Modifications have already been put in place in each of its spacious family entertainment centres, and is confident that the revised sanitisation and social distancing protocols are over and above that required by Government guidelines.

Adults, families, and children will be again be able again to benefit from the experience assisting them with their overall well-being (30% of Ten's customers are children). To date most of the leisure activities that have been opened - pubs, restaurants etc. have been good for the adult population. The reopening of bowling has a focus and advantage especially for families and children.

Ten Entertainment has been instrumental within the industry in developing the set of protocols which ensure a safe and COVID-secure environment for customers to enjoy a return to bowling and other activities within the centres. The measures build on the UK Hospitality guidelines for Pubs and Restaurants, with specific enhanced procedures to keep game play safe.

All employees will complete a comprehensive retraining programme prior to restarting work and will receive appropriate personal protective equipment.

On reopening, the group is introducing a new web-based ordering platform which allows customers to order food and drink directly to their lanes or tables via a simple Quick Response (QR) code. This will give customers confidence to enjoy snacks, meals, and drinks without leaving the comfort of their lane or table and enables completely contact free payment and ordering.

For Ten Entertainment to express its appreciation and gratitude to those in the NHS who have done such an exceptional job during the pandemic, it has offered a free game to those NHS workers who registered. Over 6,000 NHS workers across the UK have registered for this offer.

Nick Basing, Interim Executive Chairman said, 'We are delighted that we can now open and welcome back customers especially families and children tomorrow.

'We are fully prepared and looking forward to bringing people and families together and delivering entertainment in a very safe way. We will be opening 35 of our English entertainment venues and Scottish venues when permitted.'

'The Government has delivered extraordinary levels of support enabling businesses like ours to endure the crisis and emerge intact to restart and rebuild from here. We can, in turn, assist in ensuring that families and people of all ages can enjoy the bowling experience safely, together again.'