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Bax Botanics see LFL sales soar times ten this Dry January

Dry January 2021 is already a record-breaker, with alcohol-free spirits producer Bax Botanics revealing it has seen ten times more sales in the first week of the year than it saw in the whole of January 2020.

With only eight days of January gone, the award-winning company is forecasting that its sales for the whole of Dry January 2021 will be 4,000% those of 2020.

More than 6.5 million people are planning to take part in Dry January this year, up 67% from 3.9 million in 2020. One in four adults who drink alcohol said they're aiming to cut down their consumption generally in 2021[1].

Alcohol-free spirits use herbs, berries, roots and botanicals to create complex flavours that make them a substitute for drinks like gin. They can be enjoyed with mixers like tonic or ginger ale, or used in zero-alcohol cocktails.

Bax Botanics was launched in January 2019 by Chris and Rose Bax after 20 years of teaching about wild foods and flavours in their Yorkshire woodland. They distil their drinks in traditional beaten copper stills using ethically sourced and sustainable herbs and botanicals.