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Double win for Brewpoint at International Beer Challenge Awards

Wells & Co'sbrewery, Brewpoint has taken home two medals at the globally recognised, International Beer Challenge (IBC) Awards.

The Bedford-based brewer was awarded the Silver medal for its limited edition brew Big Point, and a Bronze medal for its Checkpoint IPA.

The aim of the IBC awards is to reward and promote excellent beers from around the globe, providing the perfect platform for brewers to express their beers to both trade and consumers.

This year, Brewpoint entered two of the eighty different categories reflecting the diversity in brewing today, as well as offering more traditional beer categories, receiving entries from over 40 countries.

This is the second year that Checkpoint has been recognised at the global awards. “The beer is a West Coast vs East Coast mash-up of two popular IPA sub-styles,” explains James Hunter, Head Brewer at Brewpoint. “The haze is generated by over 30% wheat malt in the grist, supported by a complex yet approachable hop profile from blending both newer and more classic American hop varieties.”

The Silver award was given to Big Point; a project giving the brew team a chance to come up with challenging and adventurous beer styles in addition to the already award-winning brews being created at the Bedford brewery.
“It’s like a brewer’s candy shop” James goes on to say, who is the mastermind behind the beer. “Imagine having free reign to create whatever you want. We never quite know what the end result will be, but it’s a gamble we’re willing to take and clearly this one has paid off.”

James goes on to continue, “Our Summer barrel-aged release from the Big Point project, a fruited wild ale, was the first opportunity to open up – quite literally – to spontaneous fermentation. This beer began with a sour pitch and inoculation by natural microorganisms in the air, wood and fruits. The development of ‘funk’ followed seasonal influences, beginning in the peak of summer and judged ready for blending and bottling after the subsequent Winter.”

The Big Point project has continued this year and their limited-edition brew is a red fruit barrel aged wild ale; a mixed culture brew fermented and matured in French oak, on macerated sour cherry and strawberry.

Big Point will be released seasonally and the brew team are already working on their next project ahead of Winter: this time a blended barrel-aged imperial stout, aged in a mix of rye whiskey, bourbon whiskey and cognac casks.

Peter Wells, CEO and family member of Wells & Co., owner of Brewpoint said, “We’re delighted to win such prestigious awards again this year. Our brew crew work tirelessly to provide an epic range of beers for our pubs and for our people. They’re proving that they are creating fantastic, quality beers time after time and the being recognised for these awards is simply the icing on the cake”.

Built on five generations of brewing craft beer, Brewpoint operates from a state-of-the-art brewing facility, a roastery, shop, and an eating and gathering hub.