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The newly launched Places App (www.joinplaces.com) is revolutionizing the restaurant and café industry with its innovative approach to food discovery and ordering. This UK-based app leverages AI-powered tools to enhance the relationship between eateries and customers, providing a convenient platform for ordering food and beverages from mobile devices while offering operational benefits to restaurant and café owners.

With a focus on simplifying the dining experience, the Places App offers a range of features tailored to restaurants. These features include online ordering, real-time order tracking and management, promotions, loyalty programs, and comprehensive data analytics, all accessible within a single dashboard.

For customers, the app offers the convenience of browsing digital menus and placing orders online, effectively reducing the influx of phone calls for restaurant staff. By enabling online orders, the app aids restaurant owners in effectively managing incoming orders and allows staff to allocate more time to crucial tasks like food preparation and customer service. Furthermore, the Places App provides a platform for implementing promotions and loyalty programs, which can attract new customers and incentivize existing ones to increase their spending, ultimately boosting revenue and profitability for the restaurant.

The true power of the Places App lies in its comprehensive dashboard, which furnishes restaurant owners with valuable data analytics. These insights reveal key metrics such as popular menu items, peak times of business, and the impact of ongoing promotions. Armed with this knowledge, owners can make informed decisions to enhance their operations, aligning them with customer preferences and optimizing their business strategies. In essence, the platform serves as an invaluable tool for restaurants seeking to elevate the overall customer experience and refine their business practices.

“Places App is a valuable tool for restaurant owners in automating and simplifying management, order tracking, and marketing dashboards. By providing automated notifications, integration with third-party software, real-time updates, and self-service options, Places App can help to streamline operations and reduce the administrative burden on owners and staff members.” stated Vlad Selitbovskyi, Founder of Places App.