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The hospitality sector is among the worst for offering staff pay rises - employers in this industry are not so open-handed with voluntarily giving out a pay rise, with only 2.4% offering their staff compensation.

Within hospitality, 65.6% of employees considered asking for a pay rise (below the national average of 68%) - however only 17.2% actually asked for one.
According to the survey, just 17.9% of these employees who asked received a pay rise, which is below the national average of 26%.

Out of 5,100 people surveyed, 3,546 (68%) people revealed they have considered asking their employer for a pay rise. The highest number of respondents answering yes were those aged between 35-44, with 75% revealing they had considered asking for more money.
The age group which were least likely to consider asking for a pay rise were those aged over 54, at 69%.

Regionally, those living in the East Midlands were considering asking for a pay rise the most due to the cost of living crisis with 76% of respondents answering yes. In second place were those in Wales at 73.9%, followed by the North East with 73.4% responding yes.

(source: https://www.forbes.com/uk/advisor/loans/, image: pexels)