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Pizza has been voted the UK’s favourite fast food – but slow delivery times and poor-quality service mean more and more pizza fans are opting for hot, tasty, home cooked pizza, a new survey has found.

The tasty food choice was selected by over a third of Brits (35%) in a nationwide survey of 2,000 people conducted by the UK’s number one frozen pizza brand, Chicago Town.

Slow delivery times are the most common concern when it comes to takeaway pizza, with only 7% of people saying that their order always arrives on time without fail.

Similarly, over half of people (56%) said they generally wait an hour or more for their takeaway pizza – meaning the football match on the telly is sometimes over before it even arrives.

However, there is good news for pizza lovers, as it’s now possible for fans to get shop-bought takeaway-style pizza delivered to their house and cooked to perfection in a fraction of the time.

Working with grocery delivery service, Gorillas, Chicago Town Takeaway pizza can be picked up from the shop, delivered, and cooked in just 30 minutes – that’s 20 minutes less than it takes for the average takeaway to arrive*.

And not only does this save time, but fans will also save those all-important pounds too.

The data reveals that a majority of people (58%) spend £20 or more on a single takeaway pizza, which is four times the cost of a shop-bought alternative from Chicago Town, via Gorillas costing £3.75.

Elsewhere, just one in 20 food fans (5%) said their takeaway pizza arrived ‘piping hot’, while half of people (50%) said they usually received warm or lukewarm takeaway pizza.

With over a third of the vote (35%), pizza came ahead of fish and chips which fell in second place (13%), with Chinese food in third (12%), and fried chicken in fourth (12%) - all selected by just over one in ten people.

Rachel Bradshaw, Marketing Manager at Chicago Town, said, “Pizza is all about getting together whether it’s a midweek treat with the family, or with friends over a game of football at the weekend.

'We’re really excited to be partnering with Gorillas to provide pizza lovers a new way to enjoy our great Chicago Town takeout taste delivered, cooked and piping hot within just 30 minutes.”

(source: Chicago Town, image: pexels)