Seasoned sees uplift in customers choosing vegan-focused menus

Event caterer Seasoned has announced that it has seen a 20% rise in the number of customers choosing menus specifically designed around dietary requirements, compared to last year.

Seasoned reports that clients have been tailoring menus to meet the increasing demand of special dietary requirements at events, which sees a surge of bespoke menus that omit meat, animal products and gluten. The event caterer says that 15% of their total requests last year were from vegan diners, contributing toward a significant portion of the overall increase of 20%, while 5% of diners accounted toward various other requirements, such as gluten intolerance and Ovo-vegetarian.

The rise in tailored menus has been a growing trend for the London based caterer, with Seasoned announcing that they had seen an increase of 75% in bespoke corporate menus last year, with dietary requirements being a catalyst for the niche menus. Vegan diets remain as one of the main reasons for changes in menus, after the number of people following Veganism has increased by over 360% in the last century, prompting the caterer to work closely with their audience to create new, cutting edge creations.

Seasoned, who feed thousands of guests a year, have showed their inclusiveness of all clients’ dietary requirements by crafting an allergen-free dish that caters for all known dietary requirements, to ensure consistency between all diners at events; their exclusive ‘Wonky Veg Terrine’, consists solely of vegetables, without any animal products and meets Seasoned’s environmental commitment of using produce that has been rejected by high street sellers due to aesthetic purposes. The dish has been hugely popular over the winter period and has been featured on 60% of all vegan menus from the caterer since its inception.

Managing Partner, Colin Sayers, commented, “We’re extremely honoured that our clients have identified us as a caterer who can accommodate not just only for vegans but for all dietary requirements. It is a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of our chefs, who are able to not only stay ahead of the curve, but craft exciting dishes that resonate with our clients.”

Sayers continued, “With veganism becoming such a norm within society, we [Seasoned] must do everything we can to accommodate for those not eating meat or animal products. We believe that incorporating vegan dishes shouldn’t be an after-thought, so we have pushed our very own creation, The Wonky Veg Terrine to the forefront of our offering, as it showcases our approach of accommodating for all diners while exhibiting our ethos of sustainability.”