AB InBev delivers strong annual & Q4 growth

Anheuser-Busch (AB) InBev has reported fourth quarter and full year 2017 results, showing that revenue grew by 5.1% in FY17 and by 8.2% in 4Q17.

Total volumes grew by 0.2% in FY17, with own beer volumes up 0.6% and non-beer volumes down 3.1%. In 4Q17, total volumes increased by 1.6%, with own beer volumes up 2.3% and non-beer volumes down 3.6%.

Combined revenues of the three global brands, Budweiser, Stella Artois and Corona, grew by 9.8% in FY17 and by 17.8% in 4Q17. Outside of their respective home markets, the global brands grew by 16.8% in FY17 and by 29.0% in 4Q17.

The UK finished the year delivering double-digit top-line growth, helped in large part by the strong performances of the three global brands.

The firm's portfolio now offers more than 500 brands and seven of the top 10 most valuable beer brands worldwide, according to BrandZ. Nineteen of the brands generate more than 1 billion USD in retail sales annually. AB InBev distributes its beers to more than 100 countries.

CEO Carlos Brito, and Chairman Olivier Goudet made a joint statement, '2017 was a transformative year for our company. We are well on our way to achieving our most successful business integration ever and we delivered the best performance in three years. Our reshaped brand portfolio is rising to every occasion to capture future growth.

'The combination with SAB has exceeded our expectations. We have incorporated the best of both companies by bringing together world-class talent, integrating best practices and deepening our understanding of consumers and occasions across all markets.

'Cost synergies are not only greater than originally expected, but they are also being delivered at a faster pace. Revenue synergies, although not externally quantified, are well underway through the successful launch of our global brands into new territories, among other activities.

'We have also adopted a new way of looking at the beer category that recognises different market maturities and the role of brand portfolios in driving category growth. As we look forward, we are excited about the growth opportunities in our expanded footprint for both developed and developing markets.'