Kudos goes plastic-free at Penshurst Place & Gardens

Award-winning venue and event caterer, Kudos has gone plastic-free at Penshurst Place & Gardens in Kent by completely removing plastic drinks bottles.

Penshurst Place & Gardens attracts around 80,000 visitors year, nestled in an array of Tudor gardens, providing a scenic location able to host a wide range of events including lavish weddings, business conferences and intimate receptions.

All drinks in both the Porcupine Pantry Café at the visitor entrance and on-site Garden Restaurant have only been available in glass bottles or cans and fully recyclable since 1 May.

It is approximated that UK consumers use 13 billion plastic drinks bottles every year and that three billion of them are not recycled. Millions of plastic bottles a day go unrecycled and end up polluting the oceans, impacting the wildlife and in turn the wider community.

For Kudos, this is yet another step in their continuing fight against single-use plastic, adding to their dedication to the environment. KUDOS has eliminated plastic straws with biodegradable paper straws at all their venues, replaced disposable cups at the RAF Museum with china mugs and championed the Refill campaign throughout their retail outlets, allowing people to top up their own water bottles for free, reducing the usage of plastic.

Additionally, Kudos continues to support its other initiatives such as using locally sourced produce and reducing their carbon footprint with regards to food miles.

Penshurst Place Estate General Manager, Ben Thomas said, “We’re thrilled to be another exclusive venue in the KUDOS portfolio to be eliminating plastic waste from our catering outlets. As a long-standing agricultural estate, environmentalism has always been of the upmost importance to us and our visitors, and it’s fantastic to see these values mirrored in our partner caterers.”

Kudos Chief Executive, Matthew Herter said “The team are proud to have set an example by eliminating plastic bottles from an exclusive venue such as Penshurst Place. Single-use plastic is a huge problem in our time that impacts everyone’s lives and we do what we can to tackle it and make a positive impact. We drive such measures throughout other venues and will continue to develop our green initiatives across our business.”