Kudos introduces eco-friendly coffee cups across all venues

Leading event and retail caterer, Kudos has launched eco-friendly coffee cups across all its venues around the country.

Kudos is working with DCS, its disposable and catering supplies service to replace the existing coffee cups with a more sustainable cup across all its retail outlets.

Kudos has opted for a 12oz cup from the ‘Born in the UK’ range that is not only dramatically reducing the carbon footprint but also helping support UK business. The new cups will only travel up to a maximum of 500 miles, compared to the previous Kraft ripple cups that were travelling around staggering 6,500 miles as they were produced in the Far East.

This year alone Kudos are expected to get through over 100,000 cups, highlighting the substantial impact this will have in the long term.

Matthew Herter, Chief Executive of Kudos, said “We are really looking forward to working with DCS and adopting the new range of cups across our UK venues. This is one of many initiatives we are working on that form a part of the long term vision to utilise more sustainable resources, reduce our carbon footprint.

'We are also in discussions to take this one step further and provide a fully recyclable cup scheme in the near future which would make a huge impact across the business, so watch this space.”