Bombay Bustle celebrates best of the sea from Goa to Kerala

Throughout July and August, Bombay Bustle co-founder Samyukta will be taking inspiration from her childhood summers spent playing on the golden beaches of Kerala as her family escaped the city heat of Mumbai.

Working with Culinary Director Surender Mohan and her favourite day boats in Devon, Samyukta will combine the best British fish and shellfish with the spices of home.

Inspired by flavours from India’s palm-fringed backwaters, dishes include Malvani Sukka Clams cooked using the traditional Mangalore method, as Dorset clams are simmered in their shells with ladles of spicy coconut sauce; and Chettinad Langoustines, made to a recipe from Tamil Nadu with West Coast langoustines, marinated with classic ground spices including tamarind and fenugreek and barbecued on the griddle.

Goan highlights feature Cafreal Red Snapper caught in the fishing town of Brixham roasted with coriander, mint and palm Jaggery before moving to the bustling Capital where Surender has adapted a popular local favourite, Koliwada Squid – calamari rich with chill, fresh garlic and Coram seeds.

Larger dishes include a Fisherman’s Seafood Stew with prawns, crab claws, cod and squid, based on a rustic staple of Konkan in the south west where fisherman take the day’s catch home to be curried with coconut milk and ginger; and, moving north, Tawa Crab, is cooked over a low flame on a hot Tawa or pan with cashew nut and tomato.

To keep the spice at bay, Bombay Bustle’s bar will be on hand with innovative cocktail serves: the Anu Gami, a smoky twist on a traditional Negroni with Campari, Amaro Ciociaro and Coconut; the Tarang, a Bellini dusted with Darjeeling tea powder; and the Boom-Bai, a gin and tonic with a cardamom kick.

Co-founder Samyukta Nair said, “When I was little it was a real treat to spend summers with my family in Kerala - I have fond memories of going out to the beach every Sunday morning, and coming home with a fresh catch for lunch. I wanted to re-create that experience, and bring a taste of India’s great seafood flavours to London for the summer.”