Warburtons crumpet production back on

Warburtons has restarted manufacturing of its crumpets at the two factories hit by the carbon dioxide shortage, as it attempts to get back to its usual 8.1m weekly crumpet output.

Last week, the company has to suspend crumpet production at two of its four bakeries – in Enfield, north London, and Burnley in Lancashire – because it did not have enough gas for use in packaging designed to keep the products fresh.

Tearmh Taylor, consumer affairs manager at Warburtons, said, “After a tricky couple of weeks, we have finally received a supply of CO2 and production has returned to normal at all sites. We will be back on Britain’s shelves this week.”

While this is good news for Warburtons, other retailers said they have continued to experience shortages of some fizzy drinks and craft beers, while the British Meat Processors Association has warned it could take up to three weeks for supplies to return to normal.