Revamped Welsh Nisa store sees sales rise

A bright and shiny re-fit at a Nisa store in North Wales has been welcomed by locals, who are enjoying the new and modern feel and spending more as a result.

The 1,200 sq ft shop in the village of Llanfairfechan was well overdue a facelift and in need of some investment.

Bought by retailer Srinivas Reddy, known as Pasham, in the summer of 2017, the store was outdated and the layout inside made it difficult for shoppers to see what was on offer.

Reddy said, “Before we had the re-fit it was very dark and the shelving wasn’t great. The previous owners hadn’t done anything to it for a long time and it was very old fashioned.

“Now it looks so modern and my customers come in here and can see mostly the same products as before but now they can actually see them properly and they like what they see.”

The changes to the store, which were completed in early October, included the installation of additional chillers enabling more fresh products to be stocked as well as ready meals and snacking options. And incorporating new chillers for beers, wines and spirits means the offer from this category has been increased.

A Post Office Local has also been introduced, which is proving to be a big draw for Reddy’s shoppers.

Reddy concluded, “With the introduction of the Post Office we’re getting more people in the shop and once inside and they see our offers and great prices they are then spending money in here.”