Four new street food launches at Boxpark Croydon

Boxpark Croydon is now offering a number of new street-food offerings at its South London site, including Ladle, The Argentinian Grill, The Noodle Bar, and Raveoli.

Ladle is the latest food offer to join the incredibly diverse line-up at Boxpark Croydon, serving up soups, stews and curries – all served by the ladle. The dishes vary from rich and creamy French seafood stew made with lobster and crayfish, to hearty soups made with kale, beans and potato. Ladle also has a selection of vegan and vegetarian options.

The Argentinian Grill has experts cooking up the highest quality grilled Argentinian meats. The recipes are based on fresh meat that is cooked on a smoker or on hot stones, leaving the meat crispy on the outside with a distinctive smoky flavour.

The Noodle Bar (dish pictured)serves up fast paced traditional Asian cuisine, with fresh and colourful flavours. The menu focuses on tasty and nutritious dishes, carefully curated by chef Jose Caetano. The team has a wealth of experience in the Asian foodie scene.

Vegan pasta experts, Raveoli servwa up handmade ravioli with a range of unique and inventive flavour combinations. The pasta is made fresh at Boxpark every day and is based on an authentic recipe put together by perfectionists of Italian cuisine. Visitors can have their Ravioli cooked up to enjoy at Boxpark Croydon or buy it raw to dish up themselves at home.