Central England Co-op research reveals shoppers Easter baskets

Central England Co-operative has revealed some of its best-selling Easter lines – while also revealing some rather surprising products which tend to peak in popularity over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

New research conducted by the retailer drawn from data from over 200 food stores reveals the best-selling products across the Easter period in 2018 and it’s no surprise that Cadbury’s Crème Eggs and Mini Eggs were high up the list, while hot cross buns, crumpets and daffodils helped fill out the rest of the top 10 most popular purchases.

A closer look at sales of Easter eggs revealed that Cadbury’s remains out front as the best seller, with Central England Co-op customers particularly enjoying Crème Egg and Mini Egg variants, with only Kit Kat breaking the Cadbury dominance.

The research also reveals a number of products which enjoy a sharp spike in sales over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend as shoppers make last minute purchases.

Prosecco unsurprisingly sees a leap in popularity (89% increase), as do roast potatoes (86% increase) and stock cubes (84% increase) as shoppers remember vital components of their Easter Sunday roasts – however the 88% increase in Muscovado sugar and 87% increase in frozen puff pastry are perhaps a little more unexpected.

The research does also reveal a jump in sales for flowers and particularly alcohol across the weekend in 2018 compared to figures from 2017, suggesting families are increasingly making Easter a bank holiday long event with shoppers picking up a bottle of fizz and a bunch of flowers on the way to family gatherings.

The rising popularity of free-from products and premium own label items is also highlighted in the research suggesting that what shoppers want from their Easter products is changing.

The retailers’ gluten free sales were up 20% over the Easter weekend in 2018 compared to 2017, while free-from sales were up 38%.

The research shows that sales of Co-op Irresistible products were also up 14% in 2018 suggesting people are happy to spend a bit more for something that bit more special and unique.

Among the premium products available to customers in Central England Co-op stores this Easter is a Co-op Irresistible Strawberry Gin Cocoa Pod Egg, a Co-op Irresistible Salted Caramel Faceted Egg and Co-op Irresistible Cranberry & Orange Brioche Hot Cross Buns.