Dominos launches Tabasco crust & fiery chicken wings

Domino's has partnered with the Tabasco brand to launch Tabasco & Cheese Stuffed Crust today.

Packed with the perfect pairing of mozzarella cheese and the unmistakeable Tabasco flavour, the new stuffed crust, freshly baked in store, will bring the unique and delicious taste of the iconic 150-year-old recipe of Tabasco sauce to every slice of Domino's pizza.

Domino's is also adding the new, dangerously spicy, Mango Habanero Chicken Wings as the sixth chicken dish on the menu.

Accompanying Chicken Wings, Chicken Strippers, Frank's RedHot Wings, Spicy BBQ Wings and the ever-popular Chicken Kickers, the new wings come coated with a fiery habanero chilli and mango glaze to provide a tantalising aroma of flavours for those who like their food hot, hot, hot.

Both these new flavourful, spicy delights bring more heat to the menu than ever before. So much so, a new 3+ Chilli Rating has been added to warn Domino's fans about the extra kick they bring.

Ian Straughan, Head of Innovation at Domino's, commented, 'As customers become more sophisticated in their taste, travelling more and exploring new flavours, they're getting spicier. They want to experience different heat levels and are clued up on the specific flavours they're eating. They crave flavour that packs a punch.

'Adding the popular Tabasco flavour to our crusts will give pizza-lovers a satisfying kick at the end of each slice. The Tabasco & Cheese Stuffed Crust combines the age-old, world-renowned Tabasco flavour with the unrivalled taste of Domino's.

'In case the hot crust option isn't enough, we're also adding the fiery Mango Habanero Chicken Wings to the menu to give chicken and spice lovers their fill as a side to their favourite pizza.'

The Tabasco & Cheese Stuffed Crust and Mango Habanero Chicken Wings will be available at all Domino's stores nationwide from today, Monday 15 April.