Fuller’s launches collaborative beer packs

Fuller’s has launched the second Fuller’s & Friends collaborative six-pack of bottled beers. This six-pack sees Fuller’s work with breweries from all over the world: Magic Rock from England, Tiny Rebel from Wales, Pilot from Scotland, Mack from Norway, Woodstock from South Africa and Stone & Wood Brewing Company from Australia.

Brewers from each partner brewery worked with a member of the Fuller’s brewing team to come up with new brews – each beer a different style to go in to the one six-pack. The pack will be available in selected Waitrose & Partners stores from Monday 29 April for £12.00 – with an introductory offer of £10.00 until Tuesday 11 June 2019.

The pack includes:
Fuller’s & Magic Rock – Misprized (4.5% ABV). A celebration of Mild, a classic English style, this is a traditional recipe from 1920 but with the addition of rum barrel oak chips – to give a sweet, nutty depth of flavour.

Fuller’s & Tiny Rebel – Respect Your Elders (6.0% ABV). Old brewery and new brewery bonded over their mutual appreciation of ESB – but giving the old favourite a contemporary tropical twist. With a trio of new world hops, this malty, marmaladey beer beautifully bridges the generation gap.

Fuller’s & Mack – KRØKE (5.0% ABV). Named after the Norse word for crowberries, the sloes fresh from the Arctic Circle that have been added to this lager. The berries give the beer a slight tartness to offset its sweet, honeyed notes. Learning from Viking tradition, dried meadowsweet was used to add a slight bitterness to this crisp, pale gold lager.

Fuller’s & Stone & Wood Brewing Company – Way Down Ale (5.8% ABV). A trio of Tasmanian hops were used in this brew – including an unnamed experimental hop – to create a beautifully balanced beer, full of tropical fruit flavours.

Fuller’s & Pilot – Huvvy Dug (7.4% ABV). A Caledonian classic, this Wee Heavy is made using six malts – with not a new world hop in sight. Smooth caramel and biscuit notes come to the fore in this rich, full-bodied ale.

Fuller’s & Woodstock – Love on the Run (5.0% ABV). This hop-forward IPA is the perfect marriage of London and Cape Town. The African Queen hop and native African cereal Sorgham are combined with British Olicana and Bramling Cross hops. Fresh blackcurrant and lemongrass aromas offset a dry, earthy malt base in what is a very sessionable IPA.

Georgina Young, Fuller’s Head Brewer, said, “I’m delighted with how this six-pack has turned out. We’ve created some fantastic beers and worked with ingredients new to Fuller’s. I worked with Mack brewery and thoroughly enjoyed doing so. Experimenting with traditional Nordic ingredients has been a great experience.

'I know my brewing colleagues have equally enjoyed the time they spent with each of their collaborators – I want to thank those from Tiny Rebel, Magic Rock, Pilot, Woodstock, Stone & Wood Brewing Company and Mack who made the journeys to Chiswick to be part of this project.

'And a thank you to Waitrose & Partners for supporting us all – you encouraged us to be as creative as we liked when coming up with these beers.

“Seeing how all of these recipes were developed and then watching them come to fruition has been a great journey. Each beer has its own story and the level of care and passion that went in to them can be tasted with every sip. These beers were designed to be enjoyed with friends. So invite your best beer-loving friends to taste six different delicious beers together.”