New menus from Elior UK offer tastes of Greece & Deep South

Elior UK has launched two new Spring/Summer menus for its original menu concept, Global Flavours, inspired by different cooking techniques and spices from around the world.

Elior’s development team continues to create new menus to introduce different, up-and-coming global cuisines into mainstream food culture. In the latest menu refresh, Elior’s development team launches ‘Flavours from the Deep South’ and ‘Taste of Greece’, introducing refreshing, diverse and colourful dishes that pack a punch.

The Global Flavours range celebrates diverse tastes and ingredients from around the world, previously featuring Filipino street food, Mexican enchiladas and Venezuelan arepas.

Taste of Greece menu:
- Gyro flatbread options include: gyro chicken strips, pork souvlaki strips, halloumi cheese slices, fried seasoned aubergine and boiled eggs – all served with fresh tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and olives
- Extra flatbread salad inclusions: orange and dill marinated spinach, lentil and cabbage salad, Greek village salad, beetroot, cabbage and pomegranate salad
- Sauces and toppings include: dill and cucumber tzaziki, tahini garlic sauce, dried mint and oregano seasoning, chilli kebab sauce, chilli flake oil
- Sides include: lemon, oregano, cumin and garlic roast potatoes, skin-on fries with Greek seasoning
- Desserts include: filo pastry baklava

Flavours from the Deep South menu:
- Mains include: blackened chicken, pork, catfish or vegetable steaks served with vegetable jambalaya rice
- Sides include: cornbread, collard greens, corn and bean succotash, Southern-style slaw, hush puppies
- Dips and sauces include: hot sauce, watermelon and peach salsa

These colourful dishes are available across a range of Elior sites including universities, B&I and hospitality venues.

Mark Crowe, Head of Menu Management, said, “The development team was keen to create two very different cuisines that introduce time-tested flavours and cooking techniques from around the globe. In Greece, gyros are one of the most popular street foods, with marinated meat cut from a rotating spit.

'We’re excited to offer a glimpse of Greek food with our flatbreads, colourful and zesty salads and more. We also wanted to showcase the traditional method of cooking in the Deep South – coating food (traditionally fish and chicken) in a Cajun seasoning and searing in a skillet until it is ‘blackened’ on both sides.

'We hope customers enjoy these adventurous Summer Flavours as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them!”