BrewDog turns all sites into honesty bars for week

In a completely unprecedented move, BrewDog is going to turn every single BrewDog bar into an honesty bar for all of its106,000-strong Equity Punk community for this week.

The company stated, 'Our Equity Punk community is the heart and soul of our company and we want to empower them to help us continue on our mission of making others as passionate about great beer as we are as well as having them help us get better in everything we do.

'From today until 9 June, our Equity Punks will get to decide how much they pay for their beer and food in all of our BrewDog bars.

'If you decide to pay less than normal value simply fill out a quick feedback card as to why the experience did not live up to the value proposition, and we will use that feedback to get better.

'If you decide to pay more than normal value we will split the upside 50-50 between the team in that bar and to charitable causes via our BrewDog Foundation.'