OYO becomes largest single hotel brand in China

OYO Hotels & Homes has now become the largest single hotel brand in China and continues to maintain the second spot at the hotel group level in the country.

The company, which has 30 London hotels, is the world’s sixth largest and fastest-growing chain of leased and franchised hotels, homes & living spaces.

In a short span of 1.6 years, OYO has expanded its presence to 337+ cities and 500,000 rooms, surpassing the scale of traditional and established hotel chain brands in the country, such as Home Inn, Hanting and others.

The company has allocated approximately $100m (£78.65m) out of the $600m (£472m) earlier committed to being invested in China, towards quality & system improvements and customer service. The company has hired over 10,000 people and created jobs for over 200,000 Chinese hospitality enthusiasts.

Sam Shih, COO, OYO China said, “OYO Jiudian (Hotels) has been growing at a rapid pace and we are humbled by the support that we are receiving from thousands of employees, asset owners and the 300,000+ travellers who are resting their heads on OYO Jiudian pillows each night.

'This phenomenal growth is also the result of concerted efforts of our business partners, and leaders.

'As we move into the next phase of growth at OYO Jiudian, our focus will continue to be on hiring and retaining top talent while at the same time optimising operational efficiency across all departments.

'OYOpreneurs, as our employees are fondly called, embody distributed leadership by taking ownership and accountability for their projects and daily activities while maintaining the highest standards of customer experience, quality and compliance.”