Co-op opens forecourt store for Chester multi-million scheme

The Co-op serves up its newest petrol filling station and food store in Handbridge, Chester, following a multi-million pound redevelopment of the site.

The petrol station – located on Queen’s Park Road - has benefitted from a complete overhaul of its infrastructure, and a new layout to improve traffic flow. It sells unleaded and super unleaded petrol and, diesel and super diesel fuel.

The site opens between 6:30am – 11pm, daily, with the food store – which is approximately 2,800 sq. ft. – serving coffee and having an in-store bakery alongside its focus on fresh, healthy foods, meal ideas, hot food, sandwiches, award-winning wines and essentials.

The store itself runs on 100% renewable electricity and, offers compostable carrier bags instead of single-use plastic bags for customers who forget their bags-for-life. Compostable carrier bags have a secondary use as a food waste caddy liner in the home, and can then be collected along with the household food waste recycling and turned into peat free compost. They are also certified for home composting.

The Co-op also offers a 10% discount off groceries to students holding the NUS extra (TOTUM) card to support them during their studies.

Eddie Jenkinson, National Fuels Manager, Co-op, said, “We are delighted to have had the opportunity to make further significant investment in the Chester area.

'Overhauling the petrol filling station and enhancing the food store in Handbridge in order to better serve the needs of the local community. We have been having a great response, with the re-development benefitting both the community and visitors to the area – and, it’s a great way to mark the 175th anniversary year of the Co-op!”

Dave Kay, Co-op Area Manager, said, “We have received a great response. It is our aim to establish the store at the heart of local life and contribute to the community - the store will have a great look and range, it’s all about getting closer to our members and customers, providing what they want, need and care about, conveniently.

“We also want customers to know that they can become a co-owner and member of their Co-op, and that the Co-op gives back to its Members and the community - our Members help us to make a difference locally, raising money for local causes simply by swiping their Membership card when they shop with us.“

Steve Vaughan, previous owner of Handbridge services for 22 years, added, “I am delighted to have sold to Co-op and to see the excellent rebuild and development they have invested in and the employment they are bringing to the local area.

'I am sure it will be an even greater asset to the community, and consumers will benefit from Co-op’s reinvestment to the area and their support of local projects.

'I am really pleased that the location for convenience shopping and fuel supply has remained in the same place as before and am certain that it will enhance the other local businesses in the central hub of the village - where it should be.

'After many happy years serving the Handbridge community and making many friends, I truly wish Co-op and the Handbridge area a successful and prosperous relationship.”