BII comments on forthcoming election

As the leading independent support network for licensees for nearly 40 years, the BII has always been at the forefront of representing the essential roles they play and the good their pubs do for their communities.

As part of our call to any future Government, we ask that the great contribution pubs make to charity, to the well-being of their customers, to mental health, to the support of local sports teams, to reducing the feeling of loneliness and the many other ways they provide a safe haven for so many, is recognised and rewarded.

CEO Mike Clist (pictured) commented, “Now that the main party manifestos have been released, we hope that any future Government will acknowledge and appreciate the good pubs do within their communities and pledge to carry out a total reform of the business rate system.

'The present system is broken with pubs paying nearly 3% of the countries rates bill whilst only representing 0.5% of business turnover. We do however recognise that reform will take time and therefore also call for further rate concessions whilst the reform process is carried out”.

“As the third largest employer in the UK, please support the incredible hospitality businesses that provide something that just can’t be bought online. Something that can only have an impact face-to-face, bringing real human connections to people who otherwise may have little social interaction.”