UKH says local setting of business rates not answer to broken system

UKHospitality has responded to the vote in the Scottish Parliament to give local authorities powers to set business rates levels,

Kate Nicholls, CEO of UKHospitality, said, “Business rates are already a scourge for High Street businesses across Scotland, directly leading to business closures and the erosion of local communities. Hospitality is the hardest hit sector and any increases will hit Scotland’s pubs, hotels and restaurants the hardest.

'Devolving powers to local authorities, who are desperate for any extra tax revenue, is wrong-headed and will inevitably lead to higher costs for local businesses.

'The intention of the Barclay Review was to make the system fairer and more consistent. This amendment flies in the face of those objectives. Scottish Parliamentarians should be looking at ways to support business as a creator of jobs through cutting punitive business rates, rather than saddling them with even more cost and complexity.'

Nicholls finished, 'We urge everyone involved to work to overturn this amendment and concentrate on reducing the burden of tax on Scotland’s hospitality businesses.”