Deliveroo reaches new milestone of 2,000 virtual restaurant brands

Deliveroo, the leading British food delivery company, now offers 2,000 virtual restaurant brands on its platform in the UK - an industry milestone. This comes as Deliveroo announces that it now works with over 30,000 restaurants in the UK.

A virtual brand is an online only concept which allows restaurants of all sizes to create new bespoke menus for customers from their current kitchen, under new branding. Since January 2019, orders from virtual brands have soared by 220%.

Through virtual brands restaurants can reach new customers but without the costs and risk associated with starting an entirely new venture, which would traditionally entail the cost of setting up a new premises on the high street. They also help to cut food waste by enabling restaurants to use the same ingredients for dishes on new virtual, delivery-only menus.

On Deliveroo, through virtual brands, restaurants can test new ideas and products to create delicious culinary experiences, leading to more and better choice for customers and stronger business growth for partner restaurants.

Deliveroo provides support every step of the way to make virtual brands a success, from concept design and development to delivery. This includes sharing the company’s knowledge, data and insights into building a successful virtual brand.

The result is that restaurants can understand where there are gaps in the local market, what are the most popular cuisine types and tailor virtual brands to meet customer demand, for example by using the best price points.

Deliveroo operates virtual brands in all 13 of its global markets. Almost half the total virtual brands are available in the UK.