JJ caters for record online orders with new flexible website

National wholesaler JJ Foodservice has launched a new website to enhance the service for customers who order online. A record 70% of customers now order online, an 11% increase on the previous year.

Chief Technology Officer, Mick Dudley said that the new site is a major redevelopment. Shopping baskets no longer ‘expire’, which gives caterers more time to create their order and be flexible in how they shop. Duddley added that people can now relax and use the site however they want.

New products are now clearly labelled and popular products in each category are tagged with a star.

An improved search feature makes it even easier to find special offers and to search by brand, case size and origin. Customers can also search specific sub-categories such as ‘vegan’, ‘MSC’ and ‘sugar free.’

The new website will support JJ's ambition to have as many customers as possible ordering and paying online. Over the past 12 months alone, cashless customers (those that order and pay online) have doubled from 3K to 6K per week.

Dudley finished, “Moving customers online has helped us to improve efficiency and reduce costs, therefore enabling us to keep passing on great savings to caterers.'