Craft Guild of Chefs chair sheds light on leaked Treasury Adviser emails

Following stories in the press regarding Treasury Adviser, Dr Tim Leunig's, leaked emails purportedly stating that the food sector was not 'critically important' to the country's economy, and agriculture and fisheries 'certainly isn't', Andrew Bennett MBE, National Chair of the Craft Guild of Chefs has responded.

Bennett said, 'The comments, if true, show a total lack of understanding of not only the food and drink industry but of what the British consumer wants.

'The British buyer wants to be part of this country's proud farming heritage, they look for products that have provenance and quality and above all they want to support British companies. We have some of the best animal welfare standards in the world.

'In terms of sustainability, today's conscientious consumers, including chefs and food service professionals, are looking to buy local products where possible to support the local economy and reduce the impact of transporting goods unnecessarily.

'Why would we want to hold ourselves ransom to the fluctuations in world markets. This is a growing sector that makes a huge contribution to the British economy, to suggest otherwise is naïve.'