Deliveroo introduces contact-free delivery

Deliveroo has sent out am email to customers saying it has launched contact-free delivery.

The company said, 'As the cases of COVID-19 increase we want to share details of a brand new feature we have introduced in our app to help keep everyone using our platform - riders, restaurants and customers - safe during this time.

'The NHS has stated that it is very unlikely that COVID-19 can be spread through food, but we are taking additional precautions.'

Contact-free delivery
Limiting contact when delivering orders will help keep everyone healthy, so from today a new feature enables customers to choose ‘contact-free delivery’ at check-out. If they choose this, the rider will leave the food at the door rather than handing it over.

This is how contact-free delivery works:
- Users can select the new ‘contact-free delivery’ feature at checkout - this message will go to the rider so they know to leave the food at the door
- At this point customers will be asked to add additional delivery instructions so the rider knows where to leave the food
- Users will receive a notification when their rider is nearby, reminding them that they have requested contact-free delivery
- When the rider arrives they will place the order outside the door
- The rider will step back at least 1 metre and wait nearby for the customer to collect it

Deliveroo riders will also have the ability to choose to make an order contact-free if they wish and will contact customers through the app if they do.

The group concluded, 'This is a worrying time for everyone, and we want to acknowledge the incredible efforts of all our riders who are working hard at this time and who are committed to helping the communities in which they work.

'We hope that this new tool provides you and our riders with greater safety during this time.'