Steelite report offers insights into creating safe & memorable dining

Tableware specialist Steelite International has released a report designed to help the hospitality sector get back up and running.

The report, called Back to Business, Back to the Table, features interviews with industry experts as well as advice from seasoned operators and practical tips from Steelite’s in-house specialists.

As hotels, bars and restaurants reopen, operators will be looking to invest wisely, while consumers will demand quality, hygiene and safety. Back to Business, Back to the Table offers practical advice on what measures to take to remain safe without losing the all-important dining experience. The report also highlights the many benefits of quality British-made tableware, compared to disposable or cheaper alternatives.

Steelite makes its core range in Stoke-on-Trent and the report finds that while first instincts may lead operators to believe purchasing disposable tableware and cutlery is the safest option during Covid-19, clearing tableware after each course and washing using a commercial grade dishwasher gives businesses complete control over tableware handling.

Industry experts underscore the environmental and business reasons for using a venue’s own tableware, cutlery and glassware and Steelite’s research shows the on-going cost of replacing cheaper, imported tableware far outweighs any perceived initial savings.

Leo Kattou, Head Chef at Simpsons, who is one of a number of industry experts featured in the report, said, “Investing in quality tableware is all about attention to detail. We spend a lot of time and effort in creating and plating up quality dishes - it is important to match that with the tableware.

'Covid-19 hasn’t changed what tableware we intend to use, but we’re being more conscious of hygiene levels. If you are using good quality tableware, then there’s the reassurance that it cleans more efficiently and lasts.”

Steelite’s Lifetime Edge-Chip Warranty provides assurance that all Distinction and Performance products manufactured in the UK factory will withstand the rigours of the modern commercial kitchen and remain chip free. The company’s high alumina content makes its tableware extremely strong and durable - and less likely to chip or crack during service.

According to the British Ceramic Confederation’s #DineSafe campaign, which is supported by Steelite, chipped or cracked plates can absorb bacteria. The campaign is based on Spanish guidance by the Hotels sector, which warns against serving food and drink on broken or cracked dishes or utensils.

John Miles, President and CEO Steelite International, said, “For almost 150 years, Steelite International has been expertly manufacturing specialised ceramics tailored to the hospitality industry. Our core range of tableware is made in the UK, at our factory in Stoke-on-Trent, the home of the pottery industry.

'Throughout our history, we have proudly strived for excellence, meeting concerns for safety, durability, and aesthetics, which have always been the key drivers for the business.

“The current environment sees some key aspects come to the fore within the hospitality sector. Operators will seek out products that provide their customers with the safest, most hygienic solutions with competitive aesthetics. Companies that have been producing chinaware for all these years should be the natural choice, with a proven track record in providing quality products of the highest standard.”