Deliveroo for Business launches special events range

Deliveroo for Business, the corporate arm of Deliveroo, has unveiled an exclusive new home delivery range to help businesses keep their staff’s spirits high as they continue to work from home.

The new offerings, made in partnership with customers’ favourite restaurants such as Patty and Bun and Pizza Pilgrims, include Afternoon Tea in the Post, Make Your Own Burger, DIY Donuts and Cocktail Hampers.

This latest range from Deliveroo for Business is in response to a spike of interest in corporates looking to use food and drink treats to keep staff connected with each other whilst they’re away from the office. Bosses are also using e-gift cards to allow employees to pick their own meals for special occasions, with sales of the vouchers 300% higher in August than in March.

The finance and tech industries have been the most generous in providing tasty meals to their workforce during Covid-19.

The number of companies signed up to Deliveroo for Business has increased by 10% since February, with the most popular restaurants of choice for workers during lockdown including Farmer J, Nando’s and Gourmet Sushi.

Demand for food and drink perks at home is likely to remain high, as people adapt to a new working world where face to face interactions are still heavily restricted and employees are unable to attend traditional social events. A poll of Deliveroo for Business clients found that just under one third have begun returning to the office, and 27% do not plan to do so for another 3-5 months.

The results also reflect a wider national picture that corporate companies are not rushing back to their offices and will stagger a reduced workforce.

- 32% of respondents have started returning to the office, and 29% are planning to do so this month. 27% will return later in 3 - 5 months.

- 51% will stagger a reduced workforce

Juan Diego Farah, Global Head of Deliveroo for Business, said, “We are delighted to announce a new ‘special events’ range with leading restaurant partners. The new range is in response to corporate demand and will ensure that we play our role to help businesses support their employees as they continue to work from home.

“Deliveroo for Business has seen huge growth during the Covid-19 pandemic and we are focused on working with as many businesses as possible to ensure that they can help their staff feel valued and boost morale, especially as many traditional office events have been cancelled.”