UKHospitality calls for furlough-level employment support

Ahead of the Chancellor’s announcement on business support later today, UKHospitality has this morning called for levels of support for hospitality in line with previous furlough levels.

During a series of morning media interviews, the trade association’s CEO, Kate Nicholls, called for an 80% furlough coverage for employees in locked down areas and 66% furlough support for areas with other restrictions to trade. Nicholls also highlighted the need for a new grant scheme to preserve businesses.

Commenting ahead of the Chancellor’s announcement, Kate Nicholls (pictured) said, “We absolutely support the Government’s tiered approach to protect public health. Our sector has invested heavily to ensure that our venues are the most monitored and COVID-secure of public spaces.

“The inarguable fact is that all of the restrictions currently in place or under consideration, make it impossible for most venues to operate anywhere near profitably.

“To save jobs and businesses, Government support for hospitality must be at the same levels of the furlough scheme where there are forced closures, and two thirds of wages where curfews and other restrictions are seeing trade hit hard.

“Alongside a new package of grants, this would help to preserve a sector that has the economic might to help drive Britain’s economic recovery, as this morning’s GDP figures demonstrate.

'It would be reckless to make momentous decisions on our future without protecting the positive investment of the furlough scheme, which has done so much to sustain so many jobs thus far.”