Just Eat to deliver hourly pay & statutory benefits to UK couriers

Just Eat has today revealed details of its new agency worker model for couriers in the UK.

The new model is expected to create over 1,000 jobs by the end of March, and is initially rolled out in central London, with more cities to follow, starting with Birmingham in early 2021. There will be a mixture of full-time, part-time and zero hours workers.

All couriers contracted by Just Eat will be entitled to hourly pay, minimum/living wage, pension contributions and certain statutory benefits including, holiday pay, sick pay, maternity, paternity and adoption leave and pay and parental leave.

All agency workers will benefit from bespoke training to deliver the best food delivery experience to both customers and restaurants. To help protect couriers, they will also be covered by the relevant insurance. Alongside this, couriers will be provided with e-bikes/e-mopeds for launch, helping to reduce takeaway delivery contribution to UK emission levels.

Andrew Kenny, Just Eat UK MD, said: “As the market leader in online food delivery, we believe it is our responsibility to offer couriers a wide range of working options and benefits.

'From our experience in other European markets, we know many couriers value the benefits and protections our new model offers and with the use of electric vehicles, this launch will also help us build a sustainable future for food delivery in the UK.

'This is an important step forward for us which will support Just Eat’s strong growth, enabling us to bring the very best service and value to our customers and restaurant partners.”

All couriers will be provided with branded clothing and equipment to boost brand visibility, whilst also helping Just Eat to further improve the service it offers to restaurants and consumers and supporting the business’ strong growth for this year and beyond.