Nescafe research reveals top tips to drive sales in coffee-to-go market

Following the launch of research piece 'Brewing profits locally: One cup at a time', Nescafé has unveiled its top tips to help local independent retailers and convenience stores attract customers and drive coffee-to-go sales.

Nescafé top ten tips to drive coffee sales
1. Consumers favour established and trusted brands - almost two thirds (61%) of those surveyed saying they would be more interested in a well-recognised coffee brand.

2. Affordable pricing and keeping this under £2 a cup is the second most important factor in deciding where to buy a coffee, according to 60% of consumers.

3. Ensuring a friendly service and always greeting customers when they come in will help drive loyalty and a sense of belonging.

4. Retailers should encourage coffee sales with a conveniently located and attractive machine. Placing your machine by the counter will ensure it is easily found and convenient for use.

5. Retailers can increase profits by cross-merchandising - 60% of those surveyed say they would buy food-to-go alongside a coffee and 45% confectionery. Include a breakfast, fruit or snacking option next to the machine.

6. POS will help attract customers and drive sales - consider overhead signage suggesting special offers. Seasonally changing POS is also important for targeting customers with messaging which taps into emotion-based decision making. Also consider placing a swing sign outside to grab the attention of passers-by, or to simply remind them that coffee to go is available inside.

7. Offering a quality coffee proposition can help drive profitability - more than two thirds (67%) of people believe the quality of the coffee is the most important factor in purchasing coffee-to-go. This is particularly important among 45-54 year olds.

8. Consumers like to personalise their coffee, from sugar free syrups; different sweeteners; milk alternatives and dustings of chocolate or cinnamon powders – make sure that these options are available to your customers.

9. Almost half of consumers say that speed of service affects their decision making when purchasing coffee-to-go so make sure that you choose a machine that is not only quick to dispense but also easy to use.

10. Consumers are looking for frictionless convenience, particularly for Millennials and Gen Z’ers so ensure making purchases is easy and has contactless abilities.

Charlotte Smith, Category Manager – Coffee-to-go, Nestlé Professional UK & Ireland said, “Satisfied customers can become regular customers and keeping them happy helps to create loyalty. From letting people know what’s on offer to simply smiling and saying ‘hello’, there are several trends, tips and tricks to help drive footfall and increase profit potential.”

Nescafé offers convenience retailers a range of coffee-to-go solutions, including the Nescafé & Go Machine, which is a quick and easy to use pre-filled cup solution, ideal for shops that serve up to 15 cups per day and who are looking to attract busy customers who want their favourite coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

Alternatively, the Nescafé Mini Bean to Cup Coffee Machine offers customers a fresh bean coffee-shop style experience – from espresso and Americano, to lattes, cappuccinos and hot chocolate.

The 'Brewing profits locally: One cup at a time' guide follows the launch of Nescafé's new online coffee-to-go hub. The hub features more about the latest coffee market trends, advice and tips for success, plus access to a ‘click n deliver’ online ordering service as well as POS materials.