Little Dish announces 100% transparency on recipes

Little Dish - the UK’s best-selling chilled prepared children’s’ meal company - is offering 100% transparency of its delicious healthy recipes, enabling customers to cook them at home.

In a category that has historically caused consumers to be sceptical about quality and health, this refreshing approach is designed to support parents and caregivers, reassuring them that Little Dish meals contain only natural ingredients, providing a nourishing meal for their child just like they would make in their own kitchen.

So confident is the award-winning children’s food brand, that the same delicious flavour can be recreated at home using fresh and store cupboard ingredients, it has published all of its ten veg-packed recipes to download free on its website.

With searches for ‘kids ready meals’ and ‘healthy meals for kids’ both trending on Google Trends for the past 3 months, it’s clear that parents are looking for ways to provide quick and healthy meals for their children to help them juggle the demands of work and family life.

Little Dish offers the perfect solution – either simple recipes parents can cook from scratch, or the same recipes in the form of store-bought meals, packed with natural healthy ingredients to keep parents happy and plenty of flavour that kids will enjoy.

Hillary Graves, Founder of Little Dish, (pictured right), said, “We know that parents are quite rightly worried about the ingredients that go into pre-prepared food for their children, so we’ve made the decision to be completely transparent with our recipes to reassure parents that we only ever use natural, high quality ingredients in our meals.

'We source British chicken and beef from UK farms and only use sustainably sourced fish. Now parents can make our recipes from scratch, as well as have Little Dish in the fridge on hand for those busy nights.”

Award-winning Baby & Child Nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed, (pictured left), explained why she’s supporting the initiative, “It’s brilliant to see Little Dish leading the way in being 100% transparent about the ingredients used in their food. As a parent of two little ones, I know this will give parents a lot of reassurance and it’s something many parents will want to see from brands they trust.

'Further highlighting that Little Dish only uses quality ingredients and doesn't add anything that our little toddlers shouldn't be having. I love the idea behind this campaign - great to see Little Dish being so generous in sharing ALL their recipes, and hopefully encouraging families at home to get the kids involved in some cooking.”