Korean fast food brand to open second London site this month

Following the overwhelming success of its first site located in Charing Cross last year, Bunsik, known for its deliciously different Korean corn dogs, is expanding with a second site, opening on Embankment’s Villiers Street on Saturday 26 March.

Taking cues from its flagship restaurant, Bunsik’s new outpost will feature the same, eye-catching yellow and white colour scheme, alongside a menu brimming with Korean street food options that have become hugely popular with Londoners and tourists alike.

Sweet and savoury, chewy and crispy, Korean corn dogs are believed to have been around since the 1980s in Korea and have since gained notoriety in Taiwan, Japan, China, the US, and now, London.

For the uninitiated, a Korean corn dog is made from either sausage, cheese, or a combination of the two, skewered, dipped in batter then rolled in breadcrumbs, or toppings like potato, diced french fries, crushed ramen noodles, or crispy rice before hitting the deep fryer and fried to a perfect, golden brown.

Championing this well-loved East Asian snack, Bunsik’s menu features all kinds of tasty and authentic grab-and-go options, such as: Original Corn Dog (Premium pork sausage with crispy outside); Half and Half (a combination of pork sausage and mozzarella cheese), and Potato Corn Dog (premium pork sausage with potato cubes wrapped around).

Also there's Beef Corn Dog (premium beef sausage with crispy outside)and the veggie-friendly Potato Mozzarella (mozzarella cheese with potato cubes wrapped around); and Cheese & Cheese (mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan and cheese sauce with potato cubes wrapped around).

For dishes requiring cutlery, guests can order the ddukbokki and topping - a rice cake with Korean spicy sauce finished with either cheddar cheese, an original hot dog, chicken mandu, kimmari (fried seaweed roll), or a boiled egg.

Sides include the likes of Mini Veg Kimbap and Mini Bulgogi Kimbap, with the Embankment site also welcoming a number of new menu additions.

Making a debut appearance on the menu at Bunsik Embankment will be Ramyeon (freshly made Korean noodle soup with toppings available including egg, cheese, and vegetables), Dakgangieong (deep-fried crispy chicken coated in a sweet, spicy, and sticky gochujang; Korean red chili pepper paste sauce and Kimbap (Bite size slices made from cooked rice and vegetables, fish and meat rolled in dried sheets of seaweed (gim).