New free training programme to inspire chefs to save our seas

the Marine Conservation Society, the UK’s leading ocean charity, launches its pioneering chef training programme, School of Fish. The short and easy to use course aims to educate catering professionals about sustainable seafood sourcing in the UK.

Working closely with the food service industry and catering colleges, the Marine Conservation Society has designed a comprehensive and entirely free training programme to empower chefs with the knowledge and skills needed to make responsible seafood choices. With the user-friendly and easy to use online course taking less than an hour to complete, and accessible via mobile devices, it offers a convenient and flexible learning opportunity for chefs, seafood buyers and catering students.

The launch of School of Fish is driven by the urgent need to promote responsible fishing, better fisheries management and protect the delicate ecosystems of our seas. The course covers a range of essential topics, such as identifying sustainably sourced seafood, recognising unsustainable choices, and the importance of supporting marine conservation efforts.

Jack Clarke, Sustainable Seafood Manager at the Marine Conservation Society, said, 'Sourcing sustainable seafood can be seen as challenging, but the School of Fish aims to empower food service professionals to take their first steps on an ocean friendly culinary adventure.

“We want chefs to look beyond the usual choices of salmon and prawns. The Good Fish Guide is a great tool for discovering sustainable British seafood and our new training programme shows you how to fully integrate it into your business, from menu writing to training staff.'

This initiative is a significant step towards fostering sustainability within the food service industry, encouraging informed, responsible choices that will benefit our environment and seafood industry. By educating chefs and food sourcing professionals on sustainable seafood buying, the Marine Conservation Society hopes to reduce the impact of overfishing, bycatch, and other unsustainable practices that threaten our ocean’s health.

The charity already works closely with seafood suppliers, with its Good Fish Guide used to check the sustainability of around 20% of the seafood meals served in the UK every year.

School of Fish is launching at the Passion to Inspire Upskill Day at Murrayfield on Monday 6th November. The event has been organised by the award-winning educator Murray Chapman. His tireless work through his organisation Passion to Inspire brings together catering colleges across the country with inspirational chefs, inspiring them with new ideas and techniques. Attendees will learn from Michelin star chefs, Adam Smith, Dan Ashmore, Dean Banks and Kieran Wight, and culinary legend Willie Pike and pastry superstar Ross Sneddon. Hundreds more catering students will watch the livestream.

Murray Chapman, award-winning educator, said, “I’m excited to be part of the launch of the Marine Conservation Society’s new chef training programme, School of Fish, at such an inspirational day for young people attending Passion to Inspire’s Upskill Day at Murrayfield.

“With over 500 invites and a live stream sharing the day with schools, colleges and chefs nationwide, it’s an honour to inspire and excite all.”

Catering professionals and chefs interested in enrolling in the School of Fish programme will get a certificate on completion to prove their participation and add to their CV. All those completing the course by the end of 2023 will be entered into a prize draw.
To find out more about the charity’s sustainable seafood work with businesses, including the Good Fish Guide for Business, please visit the charity's sustainable business pages.