Pasta Nostra stirring up the instant snack pots category with the launch of six healthy pasta pots, made in Italy

Pasta Nostra’s authentic Italian fusilli pasta is made from natural ingredients, using a high-quality preparation process to create a premium product with distinctive flavour profile to stimulate interest in a category desperately needing innovation and a range of healthier options. This reawakening of a tired category with the new range of Pasta Nostra instant snack pots presents retailers with a credible opportunity for incremental profit potential.

Pasta Nostra (our pasta) is made with durum wheat grown and harvested in the fields of Italy, and packed into pots with all natural ingredients near Bologna, in the Emilia-Romagna region of Northern Italy. The fusilli pasta is pressed through a bronze mould, called a die, then air-dried slowly to create the characteristic Pasta Nostra fusilli pasta texture that soaks up every last drop of sauce in each of the six recipes.

The finest natural ingredients contribute to Pasta Nostra possessing clean label nutrition, as no artificial preservatives, colourings or palm oil are used and all recipes are non HFSS (high fat, salt and sugar).

Announcing the launch Ross Beattie, Managing Director of Beattie Brands which produces Pasta Nostra in Italy said “If you take an honest look at the instant snack pot category, you’ll see that it is largely dominated by legacy brands and has little to no innovation. Some modern Asian-inspired brands have started to attract a younger and more affluent consumer base but there are no authentic Italian pasta pots, so Pasta Nostra is well positioned to disrupt the market with authentic Italian cuisine that is good enough for the plate but which is now served in a pot. It is our aim for Pasta Nostra to make the same impact as Fever Tree did for tonic water or Charlie Bigham has made in ready meals.”

Beattie Brands Marketing Director Chris Lewis explains that “by identifying this gap in the UK market for a proper pasta which is healthy and authentically Italian, Pasta Nostra will satisfy the needs of consumers who are poorly served with the current ranges of pasta pots available. Our development research found that too many people dismissed the category, believing they didn’t like pasta pots whereas, in fact, they just didn’t like the existing options and were won over when they tried Pasta Nostra.

“We also recognise the importance of natural ingredients and nutritional provenance” continued Chris “so have developed Pasta Nostra as an authentic snack pot which provides clean label nutrition and is made in the country most associated with this popular staple food. Pasta Nostra is stirring up and waking the sleeping giant of the instant snack pots category to redefine quality, enabling retailers to respond to consumer demand for convenience and improved nutrition.”

Pasta Nostra instant fusilli pasta pots are available in six delicious flavours, two containing meat - Bolognese, Carbonara; three vegetarian options – Tomato & Mozzarella, Cheese & Pepper and Mushroom; and one that is suitable for vegans – Arrabbiata. Each recipe is 70g and when boiling water is added to the fill line, provides a 250g serve, with calories for the different flavours ranging from 233-263 kcal per pot.

Pasta Nostra has a suggested retail price of £1.75 per pot and further details and stocking queries are available from or use the website contact form