Crown Group marks 40th anniversary with rebrand

Catering company, Crown Group is marking its 40th anniversary by rebranding as Crown Partnership.

The company stated: 'Our three shareholders have grown with the company and evolved with the ever-changing industry trends and we are moving with the times once again.

'Crown Group, whether rightly or wrongly, has always been shrouded in an air of mystery and perceived as the ‘back office mechanics' in support of its companies, yet in reality it has its own voice and personality which shines through in the success of its partners.

“We realise that we’re not the same company we were in 1975. We still have the same hunger and zeal for what we do but the way we roll is a little different nowadays. So, what better way to express this than to revitalise our brand.'

The statement continued: 'We foster a culture of innovation and collaboration and provide in valuable support to our nine partner companies ranging from our accolade of accreditations, our unrivalled vision, our everlasting investment and our fountain of knowledge.

'These are exciting times for Crown Partnership and its partners and this rebrand provides the perfect opportunity to reflect our people and innovation and is a milestone for our successes so far and a starting point for the next 40 years.'