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M&J Seafood scoops top sustainable award

M&J Seafood has netted another top award, this one recognising the company’s commitment to sustainable seafood. A long-time champion of sustainable alternatives in fish and seafood, M&J Seafood was named Fresh Fish Foodservice Wholesaler of the Year at the 2018 Marine Stewardship Council UK Awards.

The annual MSC awards celebrate the work of those who are safeguarding seafood supplies for current and future generations. MSC award winners play a crucial role in supporting healthy and sustainable oceans by offering an ever growing choice of sustainable seafood to UK customers.

M&J Seafood was rewarded for both the wide range and volume of MSC certified species that it sells to restaurants and hospitality businesses across the UK. For example, it has been hugely proactive in listing newly certified sustainable British species such as clams from Poole harbour and North Sea cod from Scotland.

George Clark, Senior Commercial Manager, Marine Stewardship Council, said, “It’s fantastic to see M&J Seafood utilise the MSC programme and provide such a great range of certified sustainable fish and seafood to the foodservice sector.

'For many years, the company has been advocating seafood sustainability to the foodservice industry, and it’s because of this approach that restaurants, hotels, and catering companies can ensure traceable, sustainable seafood for current and future generations.”

M&J Seafood’s Senior Category Manager, Sarah Phillips, added, “Making the more sustainable choices is not just a matter of doing the right thing for the future of our seas, it’s about doing the right thing for our customers.

'We are totally committed to keeping a close eye on the world’s fish stocks and sustainable practices, and to supplying the best of the world’s catch from well-managed fisheries. We have made it easy to bring sustainable choices to the foodservice menu so that we can all play our part.”